Veterans Dental Care

Veterans Dental Care

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Healthy teeth and gums mean more than just enjoying a great-looking smile.

A healthy smile gives you the confidence to eat, laugh, and talk without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed. Quality oral health also lowers your risk for a variety of chronic illnesses that include heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. If you want to restore your oral health, call Prime Dental Care, a dentist for veterans.

As a Dentist for Veterans in Milwaukie, OR, We Proudly Serve Your Needs

If you're one of the millions of brave men and women who've selflessly served in our Armed Forces, Dr. Cardwell believes you should have access to the quality dental care you deserve. Trying to understand what VA dental benefits you're eligible for can cause a lot of unwanted confusion. What types of treatments or procedures the VA will cover depends on which classes you qualify for. Fortunately, our front office team can assist you with determining what benefits you are eligible to receive from the VA.

At Prime Dental Care, we believe everybody should have access to the dental care they deserve. To ensure you enjoy the healthy smile you deserve we offer Discounted Rates to Veterans without dental insurance.

To make receiving the dental care your smile requires more affordable than ever, Prime Dental Care offers discounted rates of between 20 to 60 percent for veterans without dental insurance or who don't qualify for VA coverage.

Don't wait to get the healthy, great-looking smile you deserve. Contact the team at Prime Dental Care today to schedule your next exam and cleaning with the veteran's dentist in Portland and Milwaukie that will always provide the respect you deserve.

veteran dental care
veteran dental care

Helping Veterans Understand Their Dental Benefits

VA dental benefits vary from person to person depending on your individual status. Trying to determine whether the VA will pay for routine procedures like cleanings and exams or more complicated treatments like implants and dentures requires understanding which classes you qualify for, as the amount of care available does vary.

While not a hard and fast rule, since determining VA benefits is incredibly difficult to generalize, the types of care you qualify for generally depends on whether you experienced a service-related injury or issue. The VA determines the care veterans can receive based on a series of classifications.

We help can take a look at a few of these classifications with you and what they could mean in regards to the type of care you may be eligible to receive.