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chris b. Avatar

OMG THIS PLACE ROCKS!! Dr Cardwell a fantastic dentist who's a perfectionist in his skill & is a easy listenerbut the person I wish to thank the most is LAURAL who does billings. Because of ALL THE MANY HRS SHE PUT IN MY CLAIM WAS PAID! GO WITH THIS DENTAL OFFICE, BETWEEN Dr Caldwell & Laural they'll take good care of you!

chris b. 11/16/2022
Lauren J. Avatar

Asome did grate work and cost me less I'll be back thanks

Lauren J. 6/17/2022
Annette L. Avatar

Grace under pressure! What a lovely, professional, kind and knowledgeable practice. From Rosa, the staff Receptionist who welcomes you with a brilliant smile to Laurel, Practice Manager, who makes owing money and complicated insurance claims seem a simple matter of her daily challenge, one feels instantly comfortable and at home. THEN you meet the dental staff, Hygienists as talented as any specialty practice I’ve visited (I was the Executive Director of the California Society of Periodontists for 13 years). Assistants who make you relaxed by keeping you informed and comfortable—-“please pass the pillow, oh, and a blanket for me?” AND THEN THERE’S DR. CARDWELL, one of the most thoughtful, skilled and professional dentists from whom I have had the privilege of care! Here’s an example from today. I needed a very simple fix: a filling I’d knocked out with a drink bottle needed to be replaced. Easy and painless. However, while Dr. Cardwell completed his work he noticed a slight movement in my front teeth. “No cost! He cheerfully announces, but would you mind if I repaired the situation so one tooth isn’t pressing so heavily on the other?” Wow not only is he REALLY concerned, he doesn’t just act, he invites participation! The work took longer than the original filling appointment, but it was done and it made a difference. That’s a great dentist and a dedicated one to boot!! Would I recommend this practice to others? Absolutely. Thanks to all. You make it fun to visit the dentist.

Annette L. 11/23/2021
Lois W. Avatar

Consistently great experiences here, since Dr. Cardwell took over the practice. Everyone, from front staff to hygienists, to Dentist and Dental assistants ALL are caring and willing to help with anxieties (I had several) and concerns. Very competent and professional, yet friendly and caring too.

I've been having tooth pain and sensitivity for many months, and have now had extensive work done to correct the problems. Every step of the way was done competently. I am so happy to now be able to eat and chew "normally" without pain. You don't know how much you can appreciate pain-free eating until you haven't had it for an extended period of time. All fixed now, and I'm ecstatic!

Lois W. 5/03/2021
Jeni D. Avatar

5 star rating I really like this dentist. He's very affordable, other dentists charge 2 to 3 times what he charges. He is very nice, patient with my kids and explains every step very clearly. I would highly recommend using him for all your dental needs 🙂

Jeni D. 12/01/2020
Dean W. Avatar

Competent with excellent prices, Would recommend

Dean W. 11/17/2020
Eric D. Avatar

I'm in the process of having my teeth removed for dentures. My experience with the dentist and staff has been great. At other dentists, I have had experiences where tears rolled down my cheeks during the procedures. Not at Prime Dental. I highly recommend this dentistry.

Eric D. 11/17/2020
Leann G. Avatar

Today I had my teeth cleaned and Michelle was amazing! She has a gentle touch and I could not be happier. Dr. Carwell is fantastic! He is very kind and took the time to thoroughly evaluate my concerns and explain to me what the next steps are. Prime Dental Care has earned my trust! Thanks again for the wonderful experience.

Leann G. 10/02/2020
Linda T. Avatar

5 star rating I had an extremely painful abscessed back molar. Had seen 2 Specialists, one who offered a root canal for additional $1300, with no promises for success since the tooth had already had so many problems. When I said I wanted it pulled instead, was sent back to my regular dentist who could not get me in for 2 more weeks. Not good. Had noticed Prime Dental office in Milwaukie and kindly got a same day appt and opportunity to see Thomas D Cardwell, DMD. Dental Asst LeeAnne was professional and kind, as was Dr Cardwell, who assured me it could be taken care of and gave extra time to make sure it was as pain free as possible. One of the best things to me was that no one made me feel bad for "losing a tooth" and even reassured me once the tooth was out that it needed to be done. Wholistic Health is what I want, especially at age 65! I found a great new dentist and will be returning for regular cleanings and exams.

Linda T. 12/05/2019
Everett H. Avatar

The dentist took extra effort to verify my wife suggested treatment.

Everett H. 11/17/2019
Mary O. Avatar

Kind, efficient, friendly, professional, timely . Well done😊

Mary O. 11/17/2019
Richard C. Avatar

I have been going to the dentist for the past three weeks and have never had a more professional dentist and staff work on my teeth in all of my 82 years. The facility and equipment used is of the highest quality and their expertise is the best dental experience I have ever had. The expense of this work is more then fair and even offered to work with me on a payment plan .This is a very professional business and from my personal experiance with them I would recommend them in the Highest.

Richard C. 11/17/2019
Heidi B. Avatar

4 star rating Came here using a Groupon for X-ray, cleaning and exam. Front desk were polite and efficient.
Xrays went smoothly and were thorough.
Hygienist did an excellent job of cleaning my teeth. She was gentle and thorough.
Dr. Andre then came in and examined my teeth. He was good at explaining everything.
Overall, I am completely satisfied with the service provided and I won't hesitate to return for my next cleaning.

Heidi B. 8/15/2019
W C. Avatar

Excellent service! Bill McCormick

W C. 11/17/2018
Nate B. Avatar

Was very very pleased with my care at Prime Dental. The staff is awesome and caring and my new crowns look & feel perfect. I highly recommend this team to anyone needing dental work. Also had the best teeth cleaning of life. Wow. Thanks again, I will be back!

Nate B. 11/17/2018
Diane P. Avatar

Really feel well treated at Prime and like they have my best interests at heart. Nice people doing a great job! Highly recommend!

Diane P. 11/17/2018
Wyma R. Avatar

no unnecessary puttering - the crown fit perfectly

Wyma R. 11/17/2018
Lorna U. Avatar

Very competent staff. Highly recommend!

Lorna U. 11/17/2018
Nate B. Avatar

Was very very pleased with my care at Prime Dental. The staff is awesome and caring and my new crowns look & feel perfect. I highly recommend this team to anyone needing dental work. Also had the best teeth cleaning of life. Wow. Thanks again, I will be back!

Nate B. 9/05/2018
Dean W. Avatar

5 star rating Been going to them since they started, Have had fillings and crowns and they are polite and efficient. If you don't have insurance they have reasonable prices.

Dean W. 9/05/2018
Jaime R. Avatar

5 star rating My husband found this place and if they pleased him, I was in! We have been going here about a year when I decided to let them do my bridge, it was a long process but I am very happy with the end result. I would recommend anyone to this clinic. The staff is great and Dr. Andrei knows what he is doing. Thanks for restoring my smile!!

Jaime R. 9/26/2017
carole c. Avatar

Great dentist and staff !!!!!

carole c. 11/17/2016