Are Geriatric Dentists Necessary for the Elderly?

Prime Smiles Geriatric Care is Necessary for Elderly

Yes, Geriatric Dentistry is Necessary The aging population is on the rise due to increased life expectancies, leading to a growing need for specialized dental care for seniors. Geriatric dentistry, catered to elderly patients, addresses specific oral health concerns associated with age-related diseases. To grasp the significance of these dental professionals, let’s explore what makes…

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How to Find the Best Senior Dental Care in Milwaukie, Oregon

Dental Care for Seniors and Veterans Nestled in the heart of Milwaukie, Oregon, Prime Smiles has earned the respect and trust as leaders in senior dental care. Milwaukie, with its diverse and welcoming population of around 20,000 residents, has a special place in our hearts. It’s a town where people truly value and prioritize their…

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The Importance of Family Dentistry and Geriatric Dental Care

Prime Smiles - Geriatric Dental Care and Family Dentistry

Our team at Prime Dental strive to help patients better understand how their oral health changes with age. As with most parts of the body, your teeth and gums change over the years. However, gum disease and tooth loss don’t need to become part of your future. You can enjoy a healthy, great-looking smile throughout…

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